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We welcome you to the fellowship of the Bush Creek Church of the Brethren.  The purpose of our Church is to witness to and to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.  The central vision of our congregation speaks to the heart of who we are:  because of our commitment to Jesus Christ, we are a spiritual family who loves all people.

Our congregation offers a wide variety of opportunities for people of all ages.  We have Sunday School classes and programs for children.  We have special activities for middle school and high school youth.  We have many kinds of studies and service opportunities for adults.  We have a church where families and individuals of all ages can feel at home.

Our music program brings inspiration to our worship services.  Our deacons offer spiritual and physical assistance for those who struggle with life's difficulties.  The pastor is available as needed for visitation and conversation.

We invite you to take part in our church program - to hear inspiring sermons each Sunday, to join our church family in prayer, and to take part in the Christian service and outreach ministries of our congregation.

​​History of Bush Creek Church of the Brethren (from approximately 1790 to the late 1950s)

There were Brethren families located in the Monrovia area as early as 1790. They attended services usually at Beaver Dam and Pipe Creek. Pressure arose for Beaver Dam to divide into three congregations when Jacob Trostle and Jesse Roop moved into the Bush Creek territory.

A good church house was built at Pleasant Hill in 1843. At the 1855 council of Beaver Dam it was decided to divide into three districts, Beaver Dam with 210 members, Monocacy with 84, and Bush Creek with 94. The first two ministers at Bush Creek were David Rhinehart and Howard Hillary. Others serving in the ministry at Bush Creek included Jeremiah Brown, Edward Brunner, Samuel Utz, John Smith, Dr. Peter Fahrney, Andrew Rhinehart, Winfield Miller, Jesse Burall, Silas K. Utz, J. Calvin Main, Jacob Williar, David Klein, and Albert E. Main.

A second church building was built in 1905. The first building, of frame was torn down and replaced by a sturdy structure of brick.

From the Bush Creek congregation have sprung the Frederick City Church in 1885, the Locust Grove Church, organized in 1910, the University Park congregation, started in 1931, and the Flower Hill congregation which was started in 1930 and organized in 1940.

More recently the congregation has been served very ably by Frank E. Williar, Ellis Wagoner, S. Ira Arnold and William E. Kinsey. The last group of ministers to serve the church have been Chester Harley (1943-44), Carl F. Smith (1946-52), J. Ira Metzker (1952-57) and presently by Byron M. Flory, Jr.

In 1951 it was decided to sell the parsonage, located several miles from the church and when possible to build a substantial home for the pastor nearer to the church. At the council of November 11, 1951, a plans committee was appointed, headed by Bro. Jack White, to develop a set of plans for the parsonage.

In 1952, the plans were completed and the old parsonage sold for $7,500. The site committee recommended buying the Shawbaker property for $5,000 using a portion of the land near the church for the new home. Many of our members contributed generous amounts of building materials, helping to make the new parsonage a reality. Mr. Ernest E. Ausherman of Frederick, MD was the contactor, and was very cooperative in working with the local people who volunteered labor. The cost was approximately $17,000.

During the latter years, it became more and more evident that our Sunday School facilities were inadequate. There were eight classes with only a few rooms available. At the council of October 24, 1954, the Board of Administration recommended that a committee be appointed to study the need for more class rooms.

The October 13, 1957 council meeting directed that preliminary plans be drawn. The April 27, 1958 council accepted the plans and directed Bro. Arthur L. Dean of Elgin, Illinois to proceed with detailed working drawings, these being received in November of 1958. In February of 1959, a special council gave authority to open the plans for the bidding of contractors. On April 23, 1959, the contract was let to Mr. Lloyd C. Culler of Frederick, MD as general contractor at the price of $54,541.90.

The building Committee, which so ably carried the above program to completion consisted of Edward J. White, Chairman, John L. Thompson, Harry H. Harshman, Harold D. Harshman, Harry M. Roderick, and Lavinia McGolerick. The membership of the trustee board at the present time is composed of Harry M. Roderick, Chairman, Norman Lease, Jesse M. Burall, John W. Hipkins, and Jack McGolerick.

Continuing the work of Jesus.  Peacefully.  Simply.  Together.
Bush Creek
Church of the Brethren
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